Thursday, June 6, 2013

The "other" big day

So you've found the person you want to spend and share your life with! Congrats! Now how do you propose?

For my proposal I booked a trip to Paris for Valentines Day and everyone from her friends & family were covinced I would propose. But I wasn't going to make it easy for her. Guys, this is one of the times we have her right where we want her. She knows something's up, but it's our job to make her confused and off balance. Have some fun with it. One of our NFL clients pulled the old bait and switch. The girl was convinced she was getting an engagement ring, but he pulled out a jewelry box with earrings in it. While she loved the huge diamonds earrings, she was expecting more. While she was in the ladies room putting on the new gift, he brought out the engagement ring and put it at her spot. She didn't notice it at first and seemed a lil off that she didn't get a ring. THEN she noticed the other box and her face lit up and she squealed! Guys, change it up and make it fun!!

So back to Paris. I ordered Tiffany's engagement ring before we left Palm Beach but it wasn't ready by the time our flight left so I figured I would just do the family dinner proposal when we got back. But once I was in Paris I was overwhelmed and knew I would not leave that amazing city with out proposing to my baby! But what was I going to do about a ring, even though we were staying a short metro ride from the Champ de Elyesses i didn't want to spend a small fortune on the "other" ring. So I decided to sneak out while she was shopping and find a ring that is suitable but won't upstage my real ring. You can see the story here...

Tiffany & John from Utopia video productions on Vimeo.

So I finally have a ring and now I have to figure out where to propose. So after 5 days in Paris there were few places we haven't seen so I suggested a trip to the top of the Eiffel tower. We walk to the tower and there is this long line. And I am ancy as hell! After 5 minutes I decided to scrap the tower plan and decided to take a walk thru the champ de mars and propose there. As we are walking thru the park I am trying to open the box with gloves on, with out giving it away. Finally I find a bench and ask her to sit. She feels kinda crazy because I'm all over the place. First the tower, then a walk the the park, now I want to sit. The snow had melted and left a pretty good size puddle in front of the bench. But being a true southerner and romantic, I took off my hat, put one knee in the mud and got the ring out. For someone who might've had an inclination she was TOTALLY blown away. She said yes and I was able to breathe again!! Even after all our time together I was still nervous! We enjoyed the rest of walk as an engaged couple!

Guys, remember besides the wedding day this will be your best chance to blow her away. Make the most of it!

You don't have to break the bank with your proposal, but spend some real time planning it out...make it the other big day!