Tuesday, April 2, 2013

About this groom

John Cook #manstamp

As a husband to a wedding planner that caters to celebrities and athletes and a recent groom myself. I believe my knowledge and insight of the whole wedding process would be beneficial to grooms. The most important tip I can offer is to be receptive and LISTEN. You know how jacked up you get when you come home from a great round of golf or when your favorite team just had an epic win? Well that's how most brides view the wedding planning process! You can be involved without being committed. There are many facets that make up a great wedding, pick which ones interest you and take the lead! Communicate these choices to your wedding planner and see them thru. If you're excited about the cake tasting, know the date and text your fiancé a couple of days before and give her the "heads up"! You will make her so happy!!

But before we can get to planning, you must first propose. I will cover this in one the my next blogs!!